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AJAX denotes Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX is a group of consistent web development techniques used for creating interactive web applications or rich Internet applications. With Ajax, web applications can recover data from the server asynchronously in the background without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page. It is a collection of interconnected web development technologies and programming languages. Our Ajax web development and application maintenance is used for developing interactive & synergistic web applications or rich Internet applications based on non-fragile strategies that lead to designing and development of websites, portals, and usability applications. The needs of the Internet have changed to a significant amount today. Today’s applications need to be quick and interactive. Ajax solves the complex needs of today’s web design applications.

AJAX can make the user’s browser perform more like a desktop application, merging server interaction with far better performance than usual server-side scripting languages. AJAX is asynchronous which means that the required data is acquired from the server and loaded without hindering with the display and behavior of the current Web page. Using Ajax, it is possible to send data over the Internet without reloading the page. This saves a lot of time and effectively conserves bandwidth. It is possible to use Ajax on a variety of browsers, operating systems and a range of computer architectures.

Features of AJAX:

  • Faster page renderings and support for partial page updates
  • Rich and, responsive user interfaces
  • Reduced consumption of server resources
  • Multiple Browser Support
  • Improved Efficiency
  • The ability to customize server controls to include client capabilities
  • High Interactivity, Usability and Speed

Our team AJAX programmers have good experience and understanding in creating Rapid Ajax solutions and programs in Ajax supporting technologies & databases. We have developed several applications from simple solutions to complex enterprise class solutions using Ajax.

Toupto offers following AJAX development services:

  • AJAX Application Development
  • Internet AJAX Development
  • AJAX Development with jQuery
  • AJAX Modules Development
  • AJAX JavaScript and XML
  • Plug-in Development, Personalization and Implementation
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